Media Center




                   Open from 7:30 AM until 3:45 PM

Lamar High School Library Media Program is an integral part of the school program.  The primary objectives of the center are: to help students acquire skills to become lifetime users of the media center, to foster good reading, listening and reviewing habits, to arouse a lasting interest in authors and books, to promote the proper use of the media center by groups and individuals, and to provide a well-rounded collection of print and non-print materials to the students and faculty at Lamar High School.


                      Media Center Policies:

1.   Students should reframe from eating, drinking, or chewing gum in the media center. 
2.   Students must have a written pass from a teacher when visiting the media center.
3.   Each student must present a Lamar High School ID card in order to check out library books.
4.   Patrons/students are to maintain a respectful tone when speaking to others in the media   
5.  Students will be held responsible for all materials they check out of the media center.
6.  Disrupted behavior will not be tolerated.

                          Internet Policies:

1. Students must have an Internet permission form on file before they will be allowed to
    use the computers.
2. Library computers must only be used for school assignments