Classroom Procedures

Course Materials: You need looseleaf paper on which to take notes and to do written assignments.  You may take notes in ink, but you should use pencil for classwork and homework.  You will need your textbook and three-ring binder every day.


Textbooks: You will be issued a mathematics textbook.  You are responsible for keeping it in good condition.  If you lose your textbook during the year, you must get another book within two (2) school days.


Notebooks: Two notebook tests will be given each nine weeks.  In order to receive the best grade possible, take down all bell work, class notes and examples; and follow this with the homework assignments (labeled with the date it was assigned, textbook page number and problem numbers).  Any handouts should be dated and placed in the notebook immediately.  Notebook tests are 100 points each and are 20% of the quarter grade.


Tests: Tests will consist of selected material from notes and other written work from a unit.  All tests are announced two (2) class days in advance of the date the test is given.  Tests will be graded within two (2) class days after the test date.  Tests are 100 points each and are 30% of the quarter grade.  A student may make test corrections on any test to earn back 50% of points missed. 


Quizzes: Quizzes may be given more than once per week.  They will cover important material from notes and other written work.  Quizzes vary in point value, but are usually 20-25 points each.  Quizzes are 25% of the quarter grade.  


Bell Work/Writing Assignments: Students are expected to come into the classroom and to begin the posted bell work or writing assignments immediately.  Students have only 5-7 minutes to complete bell work.  Occasionally, these will be collected and checked for completeness according to the daily work rubric.  Bell work assignments are 5 points each and are 10% of the quarter grade.


Daily Work: Classwork or homework will be assigned every day.  It will include written work from your textbook, handouts, or problems given in class.  Classwork or homework will be checked according to the following rubric:

            5 – all problems attempted and necessary work shown

            4 – at least two-thirds of all problems attempted and necessary work

            3 – at least one-third of all problems attempted and necessary work

            0 – less than one-third of all problems attempted

Homework is to be done independently.  Homework that is obviously copied will result in a grade of 0 and/or loss of bonus point for the persons involved.  Call 326-7542 if you need an assignment.  Homework is 15% of the quarter grade.


Exams: Midterm exams are 10% of the first semester grade.  Final exams are 20% of the final grade.


Partners: You may be assigned a partner who will sit near you and will work with you on assignments during class.  If you have any problems working with your partner, please let Mrs. Hart know.


Make-up Work: Keep up with your absences from class so that you will not exceed the limit for unexcused absences.  When you return, get all notes and assignments from Mrs. Hart within five (5) days.  It is your responsibility to make sure that you get all make-up work.  All make-up daily work must be submitted the day you return to class, unless other arrangements have been made with Mrs. Hart.  Tests or quizzes that must be made up are listed with the student’s name on chart paper at the front of the classroom.  These must be made up within ten (10) school days after your return to class.


Tutoring: Please ask Mrs. Hart for tutoring when you do not understand the material covered in class.  She is available for tutoring during the first 10 minutes of lunch unless she must serve duty (be sure to get a note).  She is also available for tutoring after school on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays unless she is required to attend a meeting.


Progress Reports: Progress reports will be issued by your homeroom teacher ten (10) times this year: September 1, September 22, October 13, November 10, December 8, January 12, February 9, March 1, April 19 and May 10.   Please have your parent/guardian sign the progress reports and show them to Mrs. Hart for extra bonus points.  Your parent/guardian may check grades at any time using Parent Portal.


Report Cards: Report cards will be issued October 28, January 20, March 23, and May 26.  Please have your parent/guardian sign the first three report cards and show them to Mrs. Hart for extra bonus points.


Parent/Teacher Conferences: Parent/teacher conferences are September 17 (4 – 7 pm), September 18 (8 am – noon), February 11 (4 – 7 pm), and February 12 (8 am – noon).  If your parent/guardian signs in with Mrs. Hart for these conferences, you will receive a free homework pass.  Mrs. Hart can be contacted in her classroom (326-7542) during her planning period from 12:15 until 1:10 PM or after school.  Contact her by e-mail using


Planning Period: Mrs. Hart’s planning period is 5th period (12:15-1:10 PM).


Behavioral Expectations: You are expected to

  • Follow teacher instructions the first time they are given.
  • Raise your hand before you talk, walk, or touch something that does not belong to you.
  • Use respect (not “shut up” or name-calling) when speaking to others.
  • Leave gum, candy, food or drinks outside the classroom.
  • Follow Darlington County School District Discipline Code and Lamar High School policies.


Consequences For Violations Of Behavioral Expectations (Level 1 of Darlington County School District Discipline Code):

1st offense – Name on the chalkboard and loss of bonus point.

2nd offense – Check by your name and 15-minute detention after school.

3rd offense – Second check by your name, parent contact and referral to

Severe (Level 2 or Level 3 of Darlington County School District Discipline Code) – Go directly to the office with a referral, or a note/phone call to the office.


Rewards For Following Behavioral Expectations:

  • Bonus point for each day.
  • Homework Pass for five bonus points.


Homework Passes: Homework passes can be used for daily work that was missed within the same quarter as issued, or for daily work that is due.  They may also be used to improve a less than desirable grade on daily work.  Homework passes are earned by the student and are not transferrable (except one special homework pass).  Homework passes cannot be replaced, so keep them in a safe place.


Bonus Points: Bonus points are awarded daily for class participation and acceptable behavior.  Examples of acceptable behavior are being on time for class, being in assigned seat, following teacher instructions the first time they are given, having all required materials, completing assignments, dressing properly, displaying a positive attitude, staying on assigned tasks, and following all rules and procedures.  Points may not be awarded because of unexcused tardies to class, leaving class on your own initiative, failing to bring course materials to class, failing to do assignments, wearing questionable clothing requiring administration to check for dress code violation, breaking a rule, getting off subject, or failing to follow procedures. 


Work for Other Classes: Mrs. Hart reserves the right to collect and destroy any work from another class that she sees during the class period.


Absences, Tardies, and Hall Passes: School policies will be followed with respect to these procedures.  Parents/guardians may check student attendance at any time using Parent Portal.


Restroom Privileges: A student will not be allowed to use the restroom during the first 20 minutes of class.  Otherwise, Mrs. Hart will follow the Lamar High School hall pass procedure.


Off-Limits Areas: Mrs. Hart’s desk area (including filing cabinets and shelves), cabinets and tables are off-limits at all times.  The classroom telephone can be used after school hours with Mrs. Hart’s permission.


Supplies: The following supplies are available daily at the beginning of class.

Pencils – 5 cents each (limit 2)

Erasers – 5 cents each (limit 2)

Paper – 5 cents for 10 sheets (limit 10 sheets)

Mechanical Pencils – 25 cents each (limit 1)