Coach S. Krupla

Dear Parents and Guardians,

My name is Sean Krupla and I will be teaching your child Physical Education this school year.  The following is a copy of procedures and rules for my class. Your student can have access to this on Schoology throughout the year.  Each student will be required to bring his/her laptop to class each day.

There will be two textbooks used this year in Physical Education. The textbooks will be issued in class and they will be kept in class on the students desks.  The books are:

Foundations of Personal Fitness and Personal Fitness for You

Every students will be given a locker and will need to have gym clothes on a daily basis.  Thier combination will be saved on Schoology. Gym clothes must follow District Dress Code.  Examples are tennis shoes, shorts, and T-shirt. Attendance will be taken daily and student will be required to make up any skill test or assignment missed.  The Darlington County District Code Of Conduct/School Rules will be followed at all times. Offenses in the classroom will be handled in the order of these steps: 1st- Warning, 2nd- Call home, 3rd-Referral, 4th- Sent to office.  Major offenses could go straight to 3rd and 4th step.

Classroom expectations are as follows:

  • Punctual (If tardy must have pink slip to enter class)
  • Cleanliness (Keep Locker Room Clean)
  • Responsible (Lock up personal belongings)
  • Respectful
  • Follow all school rules (Keep cell phones away)


District Grading Scale

Determination of

Nine Weeks Grade

Determination of

Final Grade



  • Tests/Projects:             40%
  • Quizzes:                       30%
  • Classwork/Participation:     20%  
  • Homework:                        10%

1st Quarter


2nd Quarter
40% Final Exam









59 & Below


Contact Information: Tutoring or conferences can be done by appointment.   

Sean Krupla

Room- Gym

Planning –  3rd Block 12:05pm - 1:35 pm

Telephone – 843-326-7522

E-Mail –