Coach AP's Reconstruction Scavenger Hunt

Reconstruction Internet Scavenger Hunt

Go to the Lamar High School Web Page. Go to the Staff directory page and Click on G.A. Poole (my name) click on the Reconstruction Scavenger Hunt link. Use the information provided by the links in blue to answer the questions below:

1.    What was the Reconstruction?

2.    Paraphrase the 13th Amendment to the Constitution, and provide the date that it was ratified on.

3.    What did John Wilkes Booth do on April 14, 1865 just five days after the Civil War had ended?

4.    Who were the Radical Republicans, and what did they believe?

  1. Who was Lincoln's Vice President that took over as President after his assassination, and how did he get along with the Radical Republicans?  Why do you think Lincoln chose a Southern Democrat as his Vice President?

6.    What did the Radical Republicans attempt to do to President Johnson?  How close did they come to doing so?

7.    What was sharecropping, and was it good or bad for newly freed black Southerners (why)?

8.    What were Black Codes, and what did the Radical Republicans do in response to their creation?

9.    What was the purpose of the Freedmen’s Bureau?

10.  What did Thaddeus Stevens (a Radical Republican leader) want to do to Southern plantations after the Civil War?

11.  What right did Charles Sumner (a Radical Republican leader) believe that all Africans Americans needed to have if they were obtain equality?

12.  What were carpetbaggers, and how did people in the south view them?

13.  What were scalawags?

14.  What did the Military Reconstruction Acts call for?

15.  What were the Enforcement Acts meant to do, and what powers did they give to the President?

16.  What Civil War hero became President in 1868?

17.  Paraphrase the 14th and 15th Amendments to the Constitution, and provide the dates that each was ratified on.

18.  What was the purpose of the Ku Klux Klan?

19.  What was the Compromise of 1877, and how did it affect Reconstruction?

20.  How did the "New South" differ from the antebellum South?