Attendance Policy

Tardies – Students who report to school after 7:50 a.m. will be considered tardy and must report to the attendance office for an admission slip.  Because tardiness results in lost instructional time and is also disruptive for the entire class, excessive tardies will be dealt with in the following manner:

 Tardy to School or Class – Any time a student fails to be inside his/her scheduled classroom, ready to work when the tardy bell rings, he/she is tardy.  Students who are tardy should be sent to the attendance office if seen by the teacher or should simply report to the attendance office if the bell rings while they are en-route to class.  These students will sign the tardy sheet and will be given a pass to class.  Each tardy will be recorded in the student’s discipline record, and consequences will result as follows:

                1st tardy – Administrative warning

                2nd tardy – Letter sent to parents

                3rd tardy – 1 hour of after school detention

                4th tardy – 2 hours of after school detention

*Continued tardiness beyond this point will lead to in-school suspension and eventually suspension from school.

**Students who drive to school will have driving rights revoked once they are tardy four times in a semester (to school or to class).

***Failure to serve after school detention will result in ISS the following school day.  The after school detention will also be served that same afternoon.

 Late Bus – Students arriving on late buses will be given admittance passes by the Bus Supervisor.  Students must have this pass to be admitted to class.

 Early Dismissal – Students may leave school during the school day at the request of a parent or guardian.  To reduce disruptions, we ask that students sign in or out AT THE END OF A CLASS PERIOD.  When the parent/guardian cannot personally sign the student out, a note signed by the parent/guardian must be presented to the Attendance Clerk before first period begins.  ALL REQUESTS MUST BE VERIFIED.  IF PARENT/GUARDIAN CANNOT BE REACHED, THE STUDENT WILL NOT BE GIVEN PERMISSION TO SIGN OUT EARLY. ONCE A STUDENT ARRIVES ON SCHOOL GROUNDS, HE/SHE MAY NOT LAWFULLY LEAVE WITHOUT GOING THROUGH THIS SIGN-OUT PROCEDURE.

 Signing Out – Parents/guardians are asked to please sign students out between classes as nearly as is possible.  We make this request in an effort to assist teachers and students in maximizing instruction and learning.  The following class change times can be used as sign out times:

Days with homeroom                              Days without homeroom

                  9:45-10:00                                                               9:45 – 9:50

                11:35-11:40                                                             11:35-11:40

                12:10-12:15                                                             12:10-12:15

                    1:45-1:50                                                               1:45-1:50

Parent/guardian must sign the student out.

 Make-up Work-Student will have five days in which to make arrangements to complete make-up assignments, except in the case of second term examinations, which must be made up prior to the end of school.  The student must complete work within ten days after the student returns to school.  Assignments made before the absence must be made up on the day the student returns, unless an alternative time is agreed upon by the student and the teacher.  Instruction because of extended absences may be provided through homebound instruction.

 Signing out on Irregular Days – Parents must come to the school and sign students out on irregular days (days before holidays, short days, days when assemblies/pep rallies are held and other days so designated by the administration).

 Abusing the Sign-Out PrivilegeParents of students who sign out an excessive number of times (more than five times in a year) will be required to sign their son/daughter out each time.

 Home-bound Instruction-If student’s injury/illness/condition will keep him/her out of school for several weeks, parents or guardians may contact the Attendance Clerk to begin the procedure to sign up for home-bound instruction.

Students must have been in attendance that day to participate in a school-related activity that night.  For example, a student who is absent on Friday may not participate in a school-sponsored activity on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.