Band Syllabus 

Band Course Syllabus


Instructor: Mr. O. Wright

Room Location: Band Room

Contact Information: [email protected] (email)

Phone: (843)326-7556  (School)


Course Description

In this class, you will be taught the beginning knowledge of learning how to read music, as well as playing your instrument. This class will be taught to create a strong musician. You will have opportunities for solo and ensemble playing and will also gain knowledge of musical scales, terms, rhythms, and various genres of music.


Instructional Philosophy

This is a performance-based class. The class is learning the craft of music and perfecting that craft. No learning can happen unless you put in the proper work to have an effective result. The class is all motivational and positive; the belief of “I CAN’T” is a belief that won’t be tolerated within the class. The class will be taught using various instructional method books that will be provided to you at little to no cost.


Power Standards and Course Goals

From SC College-and Career-Ready Standards for Instrumental Music Proficiency

Anchor Standard III: I can produce a characteristic tone

Anchor Standard IV: I can perform with technical accuracy and expression.

Anchor Standard V: I can perform using musical notation

Anchor Standard VI: I can analyze music.


Major Assessments and Grading Practices

Grades will be updated on a regular basis so that you will be able to monitor your progress. It is your responsibility to keep informed of the status of your grades. Every Friday you will have the opportunity to earn a 100% for the week. Below is a breakdown of the grading scale for each quarter:













Major Course Assignments and Projects

Throughout the course, you will be asked to perform musical selections. Music and performance dates will be provided by Mr. Wright.


Course Required Materials

  1. Instrument
  2.  3 Ring Binder (for sheet music)
  3. Sheet Protectors
  4. Pencils (to be kept within the binder)
  5. A positive attitude!


Recommended and Required Reading

We highly encourage you to read biographies of famous musicians who have played your instrument, music history books, technique books on how to play your instrument, etc. Expanding your musical knowledge is an important aspect of becoming a better player and getting to the “next level” of performance. This will also give us a chance to expand on other types of music within the class.


Class Rules and Procedures:

  1. Follow all DCSD Rules and Procedures
  2. Be set-up (instrument, music, and pencil) 5 minutes into class. Once set up, begin individual warm ups
  3. No food or drinks during class
  4. No electronics (cellphones, mp3 players, ipods) use during class
  5. Put instruments and music in their appropriate places
  6. Listen, follow cut-offs and preps, and be prepared to become a good musician



Extra Help Opportunities

I am at Lamar High School before school and after school Monday through Thursdays. I am willing to work with you before school, during lunch, or after school. Please talk to me to make an appointment.





O. Wright

Band Director


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