For Parents


I would like to welcome you to the new school year! I am very excited to have the opportunity to teach your son/daughter. I firmly believe that the teacher, student and parent/guardian all play an equally important part in the educational success of your child, so we must all be willing to work together as a team to ensure the best chances for his/her success. The following are some expectations that I, as the teacher, have for you, the parent. Most are pretty obvious, but worth reviewing.

  1. Please get your son/daughter to school on time and every day. The district policy allows students 10 days, please follow that policy. Schedule doctor appointments etc. for after school hours or days off. I understand that everyone gets sick, has emergencies, etc. but keep in mind missing even 1 day of my class can really set your son/daughter back  depending on what we are studying. So, just make sure that the days they miss are days they absolutely need to miss.
  2. Check on your son/daughter’s progress; our district has provided you with an online format to check grades as often as you would like. We send out progress reports about every 2-3 weeks. If you are not receiving these reports from your child then ask for them! Email or call me and request another one if needed. If you don’t have data on your smart phone, the Wal-Mart, Starbucks, Barnes & Noble, etc. all offer free Wi-Fi access. When you go get groceries, connect and check parent portal. It takes less than 2 minutes. There should be no issues at any time during the year with you not being aware of grades regardless of whether or not I have phoned or emailed you.
  3. When I do contact you, I will use text messaging or email first because it is faster and provides documentation of contact for my records. If you provided an email address to the school, please check it occasionally to be sure you receive my correspondences.
  4. Make your son/daughter do their work! There is NO acceptable excuse for zeros (work not completed). Even teenagers need structure and routines; set up a homework time, make them turn off the tv, cell phone, etc…and have quality study/homework time. Monitor them to make sure they are not distracted or cheating their way through the assignment. We must teach our teens to be responsible and do what is expected of them. A future boss will appreciate the work ethic (and I say that as a former “boss” from experience). If your child won’t do what is expected of them, they may have difficulties holding a job.
  5. Encourage your son/daughter to do their best, A’s and B’s. Again, in the work place a future boss will appreciate the work ethic. There is always someone out there willing to work harder and go beyond expectations. Those are the people that get promotions and pay increases (again, speaking from experience). Teach your child to be one of those people; do not accept mediocrity and laziness.
  6. Give me a fair chance. When there is a problem I will contact you first in appropriate situations. So, when you have a concern, question, problem etc…I expect you to contact me first. If we cannot reach an acceptable resolution then feel free to contact the principal.

Please be sure to read the course syllabus outlining my expectations of students and important information regarding the course. And again, I look forward to teaching your son/daughter this academic year!