Useful Links

Lab Equipment, Lab Skills, and Safety Information

Lab Equipment - Part 1

Practice with a Graduated Cylinder

Practice Reading a Triple Beam Balance

Nice tutorial on graphing

Practice reading a centimeter ruler with the correct significant figures

Lab Equipment Quiz for Chemistry & Physical Science

Another Lab Equipment Quiz for Chemistry & Physical Science

Measurement & Graphing Quiz

Through tutorial on significant figures

Significant Figures Drill

Significant Figures Quiz

Uncertainty in measurement tutorial and practice

Another Short Significant Figures Tutorial

Accuracy and Precision Definitions and Game


Nice & easy tutorial on the Kinetic Theory of Matter

Interactive density lab

Atomic Structure

Number of particles in an atom drill

"All About Atoms" tutorial

Atom Builder online activity

  Click on "Go directly to
 Atom Builder activity"

Another Atom Builder online activity

"Atomic Basics" interactive

"It's Elementary" tutorial and interactive on electron configuration
  NOTE:  this is only needed by chemistry students

"Isotopes" short tutorial and interactive quiz

A more advanced "Build an Atom" interactive
This one includes a game, but more importantly includes information on charge, number of neutrons, and stability.

Absorb Chemistry

Scroll down until you get to "Structure of the Atom" and then go through the four short tutorials in order.

Periodic Table

Lots of printable periodic tables

Interactive periodic table

A very complete and easy interactive periodic table 

An excellent periodic table 

Another excellent periodic table 

A simple, interactive graphic of some periodic trends


Chemical Names and Formulas

A nice tutorial on chemical formulas

A short and smple explanation of covalent compounds

Lewis dot structures of covalent compounds

Identifying compounds and ions 

Ionic Compounds Construction Kit

Neat binary ionic compounds animated drill

Practice creating ionic compounds

Practice Naming Chemical Compounds

A very good quiz on writing and naming ionic compounds


Chemical Reactions

A very nice interactive tutorial on reaction types with video demos

Another nice tutorial on balancing equations

Identifying Chemical Reaction Types Practice

Balancing Reactions Practice 

Interactive tutorial and practice on balancing equations

Animation of Single-Displacement Reactions


Chemical Quantities

Mole, Molar Mass, Gram Conversions

Molar Mass Conversion Factors Practice 

General Study Techniques

The Learning Toolbox 
  • A good site to find helpful techniques, and they kept their advice short and to the point!