Dress Code

                Student dress and grooming shall be neat, clean, and appropriate.  The Board reserves the right to bar from school those students whose personal appearance is disruptive to the educational process and orderly operation of the school.  As long as the clothes do not deviate from the accepted norm and as long as the clothes are not a deterrent to the educational process as judged by the administrative team of the school, the attire will be acceptable. The following dress code will be in effect for the school year.

 In compliance with the above, the following guidelines will be used:

1.        Students who wear long-tail shirts to school must wear them tucked in and buttoned.  Tuck in shirts to the extent that belts or waistbands are clearly visible.

2.        Any apparel that has the appearance or similarity of shorts, pants, etc., must not be more than two inches above the knee.  Skirts/dresses must be within two inches of the knee.  Splits in skirts and dresses must be within two inches of the knee.

3.        Belts must be buckled, sashes tied, and buttons buttoned, except at the neck.  No wallet chains should be worn.

4.        For health and safety reason, all students will wear shoes.  Bedroom slippers are not permissible.  Covered toe shoes must be worn in labs and designated shop areas, etc.  The safety handbook for certain courses will dictate when closed toe shoes shall be worn.

5.        Clothing that creates a disruption or disturbance with respect to the educational process taking place within the school (obscenities, sexual overtones, tobacco, alcohol, or drug logos, etc.) is prohibited.

6.        Hats, caps, or head scarves may not be worn inside of the building either by male or female students.

7.        Wearing sun glasses, with the exception of prescribed ones necessary for correction or medical problems, is prohibited inside school buildings.

8.        Students’ hair, including facial hair, must be neat, clean and well groomed.  Hair must not obstruct vision.  Hair styles which cause undue attention or a health and safety hazard are not permissible.

9.        Clothing shall be worn with appropriate undergarments.  Undershirts customarily worn as undergarments may not be worn without shirts.  Tank tops, sheer blouses or shirts that cause undue attention are prohibited. 

10.     Bare midriffs, see-through garments, bare-backs, halter tops, low-cut blouses and pants, tank tops, shirts with spaghetti straps, sun dresses and cut-offs are prohibited.

11.     Attire must not be destructive to school property.

12.     Dress must not interfere with the educational process of the rights of others.

13.     Combs may not be worn in the hair, except barrette style combs.  Hair curlers and picks are prohibited.

14.     All jumper and overall straps must be across shoulders and fastened.

15.     All pants must be worn at the appropriate waist level  (male and female).  No baggy pants that drag the floor are to be worn.

16.     Clothing must be descent, clean, and properly worn at all times.

17.     Garments should not be so tight or clinging as to be excessively revealing or so flowing or loose to constitute a safety hazard to the student.

18.     Pants with writing across the hips are prohibited.

19.     Clothing that creates unrest/animosity with different ethnic groups (racist overtones), etc., are prohibited.

20.     Students are discouraged from wearing clothes they feel are marginal or questionable.

21.     Fronts or grills are not to be worn.  If worn, they will be taken and not returned.

All students will adhere to the dress code while attending classes, riding buses to and from school, and participating in all official school functions, unless otherwise indicated by the school administration.

 Students reporting to school without proper attention having been given to personal cleanliness or appropriateness of dress may be sent home to be properly prepared for school.

 Violation of the student dress code may result in disciplinary actions.