Algebra 1 CP

Course Description:  In this course, students are expected to apply mathematics in meaningful ways to solve problems through the process of modeling.  Mathematical modeling involves creating appropriate equations, graphs, functions, or other mathematical representations to analyze real-world situations and answer questions.  Use of technological tools, such as hand-held graphing calculators, is important in creating and analyzing mathematical representations used in the modeling process and should be used during instruction and assessment.  However, technology should not be limited to hand-held graphing calculators. Students should use a variety of technologies, such as graphing utilities, spreadsheets, and computer algebra systems, to solve problems and to master standards in all key concepts of this course.


Course Topics:

Unit 1 - Relationships between Quantities and Expressions

Unit 2 - Reasoning with Linear Equations and Inequalities

Unit 3 - Modeling and Analyzing Quadratic Functions

Unit 4 - Modeling and Analyzing Exponential Functions

Unit 5 - Comparing and Contrasting Functions

Unit 6 - Describing Data


Textbook:  McGraw Hill/Glencoe Algebra 1


Required Materials: Students will need four (4) composition notebooks, two (2) glue sticks, one (1) 1 and ½ inch binder, notebook paper, dividers, four (4) AAA batteries, pencils, one (1) pack of colored pencils, one (1) handheld pencil sharpener, highlighters, and ruler.  Materials provided for students are textbook, workbooks, graph paper, graphing calculator, algebra tiles, and appropriate manipulatives.


Grading Procedure:

Tests – 40% of nine weeks grade

Quizzes – 30% of nine weeks grade

Class Work and Participation – 20% of nine weeks grade

Homework – 10% of nine weeks grade

Midterm Exam – 10% of first nine weeks grade

Exam – 20% of final grade


Homework Policy: Homework will be checked and scored based on completion.


Test Correction Policy: After a test is graded, a student may improve his/her score by correcting problems that were missed.  The student will be awarded half of the points missed for each problem when it is completely corrected.  This must be done within the time period specified by the teacher, on the student’s time, and in the teacher’s classroom.


Attendance and Grades: Attendance and grades may be viewed at any time using the Parent Portal.