Pre-Calculus Honors

Course Description:
  This course provides a strong foundation of pre-calculus concepts to prepare students for a college level calculus course.  Technology is used as a tool to facilitate learning and to develop student skills in quantitative reasoning and problem solving.

Course Topics:
Conic Sections, Graphs and Equations
Polynomial Functions, Graphs, Equations and Inequalities
Rational Functions, Graphs and Equations
Even and Odd Functions, and Inverse Functions
Exponential and Logarithmic Function
Right Triangle Trigonometry
Trigonometric Functions, Graphs, Law of Sines, Law of Cosines
Trigonometric Identities, Trigonometric Equations, Sum and Difference Formulas, Multiple Angle
Formulas, and Product-to-Sum Formulas
Polar Coordinates

  Pearson Blitzer Precalculus

Required Materials:
 Students will need a three-ring binder, notebook paper, and pencil for the course.  Materials provided for students are textbook, graph paper, graphing calculator, and appropriate manipulatives.

Grading Procedure:
Tests – 40% of nine weeks grade
Quizzes – 30% of nine weeks grade
Class Work and Participation – 20% of nine weeks grade
Homework – 10% of nine weeks grade
Midterm Exam – 10% of first nine weeks grade
Exam – 20% of final grade

Homework Policy:
 Homework will be checked and scored based on completion.

Test Correction Policy:
 After a test is graded, a student may improve his/her score by correcting problems that were missed.  The student will be awarded half of the points missed for each problem when it is completely corrected.  This must be done within the time period specified by the teacher, on the student’s time, and in the teacher’s classroom.

Attendance and Grades:
 Attendance and grades may be viewed at any time using the Parent Portal.

Expectations for Honors Students:

  • Homework will be assigned every day (including Fridays) and students are expected to work on it independently.
  • Students are expected to complete tests and quizzes within a time limit.
  • Students are expected to be proficient in note-taking skills.