Calculus Honors

Course Description:
  This course focuses solely on derivatives and applications of derivatives.  The intent is to prepare students for first semester college calculus.


Course Topics:

Pre-Calculus Review


Applications of Differentiation
Applications of Integration


Textbook:  Calculus with Early Transcendentals by Stewart


Required Materials: textbook, three-ring binder and notebook paper, pencil.


Grading Procedure:

Tests – 40% of nine weeks grade

Quizzes – 30% of nine weeks grade
Class Work and Participation - 20% of nine weeks grade
Homework - 10% of nine weeks grade

Midterm Exam – 10% of first nine weeks grade 

Final Exam – 20% of final grade


Homework Policy: Homework will be checked and scored based on completion.


Test Correction Policy: After a test is graded, a student may improve his/her score by correcting problems that were missed.  The student will be awarded half of the points missed for each problem when it is completely correctly.  This must be done within the time period specified by the teacher, on the student’s time, and in the teacher’s classroom.