Mrs. K. Witt

Hello, My Name Is...

Mrs. K. Witt


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Welcome to my science class!

This is my sixth year at Lamar High School and I am very excited to start a new school year!


Francis Marion University - B.S. in Biology
Francis Marion University - M.S.Ed. in Secondary Science
National Board for Professional Teaching Standards - certification in Science/Early Adolescence

Professional Career 

South Florence High School - 7 years
Hartsville High School - 12 years
Lamar High School - 6 years and counting!

I am a MEAN teacher! 

A MEAN teacher insists that each student do the best s/he is capable of doing.

A MEAN teacher insists that students hand in their assignments on time and takes off points for late assignments.

A MEAN teacher does not accept incomplete assignments.

A MEAN teacher requires each student to think carefully and to make her/his own decisions.

A MEAN teacher holds each student responsible for her/his own behavior.

A MEAN teacher makes students keep the classroom, themselves, and their belongings neat and clean.

A MEAN teacher does not allow free time in class until all class-work is done.

A MEAN teacher gives homework regularly, sometimes even on weekends.

A MEAN teacher calls on students who don’t raise their hands to answer questions.

A MEAN teacher requires all students to treat each other with respect.

A MEAN teacher makes life miserable for students by insisting that they always tell the truth.

A MEAN teacher produces students who are respectful, responsible, and successful.





N - Necessity